Amura Construction and Design Solutions

Amura’s company that specializes in planning, design and delivery solutions. We are offering the completely personal service, from planning your new estate, to helping you choose the smallest details your need.


Our Projects

terres de Nicolau

Exclusive plots in Andorra

The new and unique residential development in Andorra that offers a place to buy your home that is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Our exclusive collection of residences in Ordino, offers the future community an area where you can live safely in the middle of the mountains.

kota projects

Construction Management and Interior Design

Kota Projects provide construction management services working seamlessly with third party design and project management consultants. Kota Projects  brings the ability to value-engineer project construction costs without jeopardizing the design intent and does what it takes to meet all the required deliverables.

Kota Projects offers complete interior design services, including space planning and design development to working drawings for permit and construction. 

Why Choose Us

Building Planning

We will bring clarity to how you picture your new space; how it should fit together, both functionally and aesthetically. Through this process we are able to provide the design concept that will eventually become the basis for the construction of your new space.

Renovating Space

From space-planning, construction to IT, furniture procurement and moving, Kota Projects’s turnkey solutions integrate every aspect to contain costs, reduce disruption and speed delivery of your new space.

Interior Space

Kota Projects goes beyond the design and build of your space, creating complete business interior solutions – designed expressly to meet a client or company’s needs. Kota Projects can identify furniture requirements, introduce furniture options and identify lead times.

Real Estates

We can help you at any stage of your real estate project, from design and construction to property management and divestment. We can bring together diverse competences and relevant sets of expertise for any matter that our clients may face in the real estate sector.​