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Our Main products are diagnostic products, medical tubes, wound dressing, hospital uniform, first aid kit, laboratory instruments, hospital equipments and so on.
Our products are sold to many overseas countries. We supply clients with OEM or ODM or OBM. We have been certified by CE0123, ISO13485:2003 & FDA

We are involved in projects from concept planning through ground breaking, and have in-depth experience with the following compliance and consulting services specific to real estate and construction.

Our client base is connected to real estate and construction, including developers, homebuilders, real estate property owners, property management companies, and residential and commercial construction companies.

We have built the platform where the entire gaming community can compete online in their favorite games, with a superior experience than that offered by other tournament or competition websites.



Our main objective is to show the world the richness of our land and its fruits through RTE Group, made up of the group of companies RTE Agrícola SAC, RTE Fresh SAC, RTE Amazon SAC and RTE Europe.

Our main markets such as USA, Canada Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Chile, Switzerland and Russia enjoy fresh and quality agricultural products thanks to our expert team in agriculture and export.





Premier solution to IMO 2020, the largest and most significant issue facing the marine fuel market today. Our solution is unique because it focuses on removing sulfur and other environmental contaminants from an ISO 8217 compliant high sulfur residual marine fuel, which is widely available in the market today, to produce a patented ISO 8217:2017 compliant Very Low Sulfur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) or Ultra-Low Sulfur Fuel Oil (ULSFO).





Amura strongly believes in the positive impact of technology on human life. Therefore we decided to invest and enter in partnership with several companies across the world, that will offer amazing sustainable solutions for challenges  that  modern society is facing.



Lifetime adventure with our large fleet of catamarans, widely equipped. Catamarans are truly magnificent and the private catamaran charter is the ultimate experience. We are based in the world’s most magnificent destinations.




Crowdfunding can be a great way for startup businesses to raise money for a new product or service. A successful crowdfunding campaign can allow a business to build a customer and investor base that ensures future success.



Why Amura ?

Amura was established in 2007 to provide comprehensive consulting services. It soon expanded its range of services, including investment projects and business development. With a wide range of clients from world-wide, private sector and organisations, always based on the deep knowledge of the market and the many years of experience of its people, Amura 7 holds a unique position. 

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