Business areas

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Medical Device Solutions

We have an extensive and comprehensive range of Anticovid Products, Breathcare series, Diagnostic Instruments, Hospital Uniforms, Disposable Series, Medical Tube, Laboratory Instruments, Hospital Equipment and wound care products for the Public and Private sector.

Construction & Real Estate

Build your investment portfolio with high yielding property-backed investments strategically located and exclusive opportunities.


Torneum is the online esports tournament platform. After his launch in February 2020, it has already become one of the websites of video game competitions with the greatest growth worldwide.

Amura Energy

Amura Energy revolves around innovation, our team has more tan 18 years of experience as advisors in different areas such as renewable energies, rural development projects and new business consulting in many countries around the world.


Agriculture is an important aspect of life for nearly every human. Innovative, Profitable & Sustainable Agricultural Projects.

Innovative & Tech Solutions

Amura has partnered with The World's Most Innovative Companies to finding the solutions that our society is facing. IMO 2020 marine fuel market, Cell & Gene Therapy solutions are some of the projects we are developing.

Catamaran Charter

Experience the wonder of an exceptional sailing itinerary with personalized service, in the most beautiful and exclusive destination around the world.


We offer software with intuitive, easy and fast technology that allows you to create versatile fundraising campaigns and strategies adapted to any digital medium in constant evolution, such as web, intranet, blog,... with multiple functionalities in a single management tool .

You must respond to your VOB and at the same time, balance the needs of your business with that of your customers, your employees, and the capabilities of your business processes.

About Us

Amura Global Company is project and business development holding with 18 years of experience, based in Andorra, but fully present on the international market.

We have deep experience working across different industries and business environments and enthusiastic multidisciplinary professionals with different skills and expertise, that brings our business approach to another level. 

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Driven by values that advise and execute complex and strategic  initiatives on a global scale with a diversified investment portfolio.